Three-claw glass ball vase handmade creative moss micro landscape plant ornament creative hydroponic glass vase


This is a new pet that belongs to the desktop. It’s a beautiful addition to the corner of any desktop. It is a good choice for relatives and friends, and it is also a meaningful gift, because it is not only beautiful, but also a practical and durable handicraft, which can be placed for decorations, living things that babies like, living green plants, etc. Occasion, yes, so harmonious, not limited by occasion, not limited by festival, and not limited by age!

SKU: M-20220810001-1

If you are someone who needs the perfect desktop, then this product is what you need. I will arrange it for you. Please see detailed pictures below!

This is the detailed accessories of the specific material package. The gadgets are all ready for you. You can get started directly after receiving the goods!

First of all, I have to say that the design of this glass bottle, the three-legged shape, is appropriate and safe to place on the table!

Secondly, I also put a lot of thought into the small accessories for the babies, mainly to present a clean, bright and eye-catching small scene, adding a touch of vividness to the monotonous and clean desktop, no longer a rigid desktop!

There are crystal ball (crystal balls are purple, blue, red, royal blue, etc.), small sea trees, seagrass, natural shell conch, natural stone, the main color is light!

According to my personal habits and my own experience of DIY assembly, it is recommended to put two-thirds of the bottle of pure water first, then put the stone, then put the sea tree, seaweed, conch shell, glass beads, and then put them all at once. After placing, you can slowly add purified water according to the situation, and add it according to your own preferences!
Such a simple desktop decoration is successfully added. Of course, you can also add green plants or florets suitable for hydroponics according to your own preferences. DIY together with parents, the bottle decoration can be freely switched!


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