Ecosides Slant Cut Bowl Glass Planter Terrarium


Large Openging glass ball vases are best sellers in the floral supply, home décor, and wedding planning industry. From home decorators to event planners, everyone appreciates a high-quality glass bowl with endless use options, especially when its complemented with a candle. It will enhance any romantic event when filled with roses, restaurant tables when filled with candles, or any party when filled with lights and vase fillers.

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Glass vases are very popular with fresh flower arrangements as well as silk or dried floral designs. But it is also commonly used as candle holders, storage containers, aquariums or fish tanks, pot-pourri containers, and party centerpieces

Can be filled with Roses, Candles, Orchids, Branches, vase fillers, pearls, gems, pebbles, fruits, macaroons etc. Plant lovers can use this bowl to grow Succulents, Air plants, Cactus and build a miniature terrarium garden.

Size: 7″ tall x 7″ wide,Thickness: 3/16″
6.9″ tall x 5.5″ wide

This round rose bowl has a nice ringing sound when tapped and scintillating effect when light shines through. The deep cuts are on the top and bottom creating an arbor looking design.


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