Ecosides Pack of 3 White Wall Hanging Plant Terrarium


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Mixed Size 3 Pcs Wall Hanging Planter, Metal Holder Indoor, Round Wall Planters Terrariums Set, Wall Vase, DIY Planter

Contemporary design and minimalist flair can add the perfect touch of modern elegance to any style of home decor, and you can bring it into your own home when you make this decorative plant pot yours today.

This round metal plant holder can be easily hanged anywhere indoor and decorate walls in your home Planter is simple and stylish, every part is carefully designed. The three inverted triangle small holes in the back allows you to attach this planter to any wall using appropriate mounting hardware.

The size is ideal size for placing succulents, Pebble, cacti, air plants or other small plants, including air plants. L: Thickness: 2 inches, diameter:11.2 inches; Glass width :4.9 inches M: Thickness: 2.2 inches, diameter 8.5inches; Glass width 3.3inches S: Thickness: 2 inches, diameter 5.7inches; Glass width 2.3inches

Please note: No plant or other decorative objects included in this item.
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