Marimo Aquarium Kit- Globe Glass Jar with LED Cork, Amethyst Gravel


Overall, this is a versatile product suitable for any occasion and festival in your home, whether it is to decorate your own home or give it as a gift to friends and family, it is a good choice.
Because whether it’s the role it plays in your life or the emotion you want to express, it’s all there to express for you!

A flat base containing a seaweed ball, a small sea tree, several shells, and some noble purple gravel. It has the meaning of purple air coming from the east.

Marimo moss ball: With a symbol of unswerving love, seaweed balls have always been for you to get
A symbol of happiness, especially the blessing of love.

Purple gravel: Purple is a noble color, symbolizing holiness, dignity, calmness, love, elegance, supreme power, and even an auspicious photo of purple air coming from the east!

Shells: natural shells, random shells, air-dried shells are clean and fresh, and look particularly beautiful in water


Sea tree: Also known as black coral, it does not foam when it is dripped with acid. It will not corrode if it is soaked in water for a long time. It also adds a beautiful scenery in the water.

Each gadget in this product is carefully selected and assembled into a meaningful whole.
Easy to place on patios, mantels, shelves and tables around your home, anywhere you need to decorate, it’s a versatile presence for any occasion, holiday, everyday life, no pesky cords or plugs required – indoors And outdoors for a fairytale effect – easy to match with other home decorations – perfect for parties, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and everyday decorations.
Perfect for displaying on your bookshelves, living room, coffee table, dining table, cabinets, counter space, desk, kitchen, windowsill and anywhere else for more realistic color and organic style.
How do LED lights work? It’s easy! Please turn on the LED light counterclockwise first, then take out an insulating white PVC board. Turn it clockwise again and the LED will light up.


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