Ecosides 18 Hanging Candles Holders 8CM Glass Orbs Wedding Decoration


  • They are hand blown and made of high boron silicon glass and the diameter of the globes are approximately 3.15″ Each glass globe has a small round opening on each side for better air circulation. It has a decorative loop hanger at the top and Twine comes included to make these ready to hang for your special occasion

  • Diameter: Approximately 3.15 inches Height: Approximately 3.5 inches The opening approx 1.8 inches
  • This is such a great WHOLESALE buy for these 18 Hanging Glass Globes (flat bottom), Glass Holders or Plant Terrariums. Recommend LED or white flameless tea lights, roses or other decorative items for a special elegant look.
  • Can’t describe how absolutely beautiful these are hanging from different heights at night!!
  •  These would look beautiful hanging at your wedding reception, anniversary party or any outside dinner parties. Light your patio up with these 18 hanging globe terrariums.
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