Ecosides 20pcs fairy garden Miniatures Accessories Luminous Elf, Glow in Dark Alien Decor Outdoor Micro Landscape


Garden decor miniature luminous ghost great for micro landscape decoration.
Glow in dark fairy garden accessories miniature props for fairy garden and miniature garden. They are tiny in size but can bring huge fun for both adults and children.
Great gift for children and the person who love with micro landscape creative.
Warm notice, the miniature luminous ghost tree elves are upgraded quality, give light stronger and longer, not easy to break.


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The package includes two sets of tree elves, 10 different shapes, a total of 20, the height of princess tree spirits is 3–3.8 cm.

Before use, it takes about an hour under the light to achieve the luminous effect, and then gradually dissipates over time.

✨Eco-friendly and Durability– No electricity needed! princess tree spirits are lit by LED lights or solar energy. Made of premium resin, durable, non-toxic & tasteless and non-radioactive, Fine workmanship and polish so there is no sharp edge. And has a good waterproof effect.

✨Wide Range of Uses– You can place these cute tree elves in potted plants, whether it is an indoor flower pot or a path in the garden, glow alien decoration can make your garden more magical and mysterious. But this is not the only use. You can also put glow in the luminous ghost in vases, flower beds, fish tanks, ponds, fountains, bookshelves, display cabinets, landscape etc. Let princess tree spirits to give full play to your imagination and creativity.

✨Perfect Gifts for Everyone: They are also suitable as gifts for your friends and family. Let these glow princess tree spirits join the members of their fairy garden and bring more fun to them. Meanwhile these glow in the dark stones can also be used to decorate children’s rooms, when the children sleep alone, the colorful stones and alien can accompany the children through the dark night, so that they no longer feel afraid. They are also very cute luminous tree elves merchandise!

✨Note – When you want glow in the tree elves to have sufficient light at night, we suggest that you place them under sufficient light sources during the day, living room lights, road lights or under the sun, and please do not stack them on top of each other.
Instead, spread them out to fully expose them. There are two tree elves friends may have their feet too small and need to fix them on a flat surface with glue, other princess mononoke tree spirits can stand on their own.


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