Algae ball ecological bottle with light Micro landscape ecological bottle Cork with light round glass sealed jar


This is a creative DIY landscaping bottle set for underwater micro-landscape decorations, with lights ,for girls ,Valentine’s Day gifts,

Creative handmade diy special birthday gifts for girls girlfriends ,children,primary school students little girl princess,

There are one marimo, one natural small sea tree, some root seaweed, some shells, a super cute little dolphin .

It can be placed in any corner of your home that you want to decorate and embellish, adding a different kind of feeling and scenery for you!

Come and witness the beauty of its details!
I have to say that this fun planting happy seaweed ball seabed micro landscape ecological bottle DIY hydroponic plant kit is an ideal choice for gifts to friends and relatives. It is simple but meaningful, and it shows the intention of the giver everywhere. Or the best choice for decorating any place such as a warm small family yard, because it is simple, clean and bright, so beautiful, and it also has Led lights, when the lights are turned on, it will never disappoint the babies. , the effect produced by the light, instantly raised to a height!

Seaweed Ball: It is real, fresh, and has vitality. It can survive as long as a little water. The seaweed ball that makes people happy is really cute, and it also represents unswerving love and makes people happy. Symbol!

Seagrass: It is the favorite place for small fish and shrimps. The plants matched with this glass micro-landscape can also allow babies to add some living creatures themselves!
Blue glass sand: Since it is a creative micro-landscape under the sea, blue glass sand is a must-have item. When placed in clear water, it is a pure natural “little underwater world”. I love it!

Shell snails: These are also pure natural, real shell snails!

Little Dolphin: Dolphin is a symbol of love, wisdom, good luck and beauty. Dolphins are naturally kind, intelligent, well-behaved, and human, and are generally considered to be a symbol of beauty. In a beautiful myth and legend, the dolphin also symbolizes the patron saint of love.

This is very easy to use. The method of use is as follows: first take out the wick, remove the white insulating paper in the middle of the battery, pull out the insulating paper at the bottom, tighten the wick clockwise, and then the beautiful light will come out!

What is the best order of assembly for the overall shape?
According to personal collocation habits and experience:
1: I always fill the glass bottle two-thirds of the way with pure water
2: Then put the beautiful stone gently into it, you can see the stone slowly sink to the bottom of the bottle
3: And then put some trinkets. I usually
4: The most important thing is the Marimo. I put the Marimo and seaweed at the end!
Of course, these are all personal habits when DIYing. Babies can DIY the order and method of this product according to their own habits and experience!If you have any questions or needs, please leave a message to us, we will reply and solve it for you as soon as possible, please trust our professional


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